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Meet Dana

This dynamic, out-of-the-box woman has been through a lot.  Mental health survivor, award-winning luxury Real Estate agent, turned public speaker, author, and now consultant and coach in both business and personal development.  

Dana's passion is mental health in all fashions from awareness, to personal help, creating balance, and discovering one's own issues, plus has an incredible business mind which she is sharing with not only Realtors and Real Estate brokerages but also the business world at large.  

Learn from the best or hire her to speak at one of your conferences for motivation, inspiration, and education.  She looks forward to working with you and making your world a better place both personally and professionally.


Let’s make your real estate dreams happen.

From the blue ocean waters of the Howe Sound in Squamish, to the Olympic Rings in Whistler, 
and all the way up to the peaks of Mt. Currie in Pemberton -
We have the inside track on all three communities. Let's get started.

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