(December 31, 2017 )

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season and that you were able to enjoy some of that fresh snow that fell to close out 2017.

As the new year kicks off I want to first thank everyone who voted in the annual Pique Newsmagazine “Best of Whistler” poll. I’m very honoured to have been selected “Whistler’s Best Realtor” for the second year in a row. I always strive to be the best for my clients and I feel like I owe a lot of this award to you, my “extended family” of sorts. Thank you all for your support.

I also need to thank my team, Kristen and Madison, for their hard work and great ideas over the past year. This recognition as Whistler’s Best inspires us all to push harder and do whatever it takes to help make your real estate dreams come true in 2018, and beyond.

Of course, January 1st also signifies a fresh start. And while I’m not usually that into making “resolutions” this year I did write a list of things I want to work on for 2018. I thought I’d share them with you in case anyone else feels inspired to aim higher and be their own champion this year.

More Time Outside with Friends
This one serves double duty because getting outside is also my favourite type of exercise. So this year I’m committed to spending more time in the mountains ski touring, biking, kiting, hiking or paddle boarding with the people I love.

Even a few laps on the ski hill always helps rejuvenate my mind and provide fresh perspectives, so for 2018 I am going to balance my schedule with more outdoor adventures with the wild and inspiring characters that remind me why I love this area so much. My husband and I even have a side wager going– if I don’t get 50 ski days this season… well let’s just say there will be consequences. (Luckily, even a few laps in the morning counts).

L: Fresh air skate skiing with my boy, Hawk.   R: Mountain Biking with friends in the summer (pic by: Julia Murray)

Set Bigger Goals
“Without having a goal, it’s difficult to score.” – Paul Arden

I love to set goals and I’ve developed a skill for sticking to them so for the upcoming year I am going to aim higher than ever before. One tool that has been incredibly beneficial in helping me track and hit my goals has been The Self Journal, a road-map that helps you pick goals and shows you how to achieve them. I loved this book so much I bought it for my whole team this Christmas. Hopefully some of our goals this year will help you too!

The Self Journal is an amazing tool to keep targets on track 

Give Back
I love the life I have forged for myself here in Whistler and for me it’s important to give back however I can. One method that works for me is taking my interests and finding a way to share them or support people in that field. I love movies and am a proud sponsor of the Whistler Film Festival, one of the driving forces behind promoting Canadian film and women filmmakers around the world.

As well, for every home we sell or buy, my team and I also donate $50 to Children’s Hospitals across Canada. This holiday season we also collected warm jackets, toques and mitts for the Squamish Youth Centre. Donating anything, especially our time, always ends up being some of the most memorable parts of the year for me. 
As the Beatles said, “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”
(It’s hard to argue with the Beatles.) 

L: RE/MAX won the Foodworx Challenge again this year!   R: Miracle Agents: Madison, Dana & Kristen

Whistler legend Chris Prior passed away in 2017. He was a soul rider of waves, wind and snow, as well as a true mountain lover and pioneer. Chris started Whistler’s first local snowboard factory, then expanded to also build skis. A splitboard pioneer, Chris and his team tested all his designs right here in Whistler and Prior boards and skis are respected around the world for performance and design.

A few weeks before he died, Chris was interviewed by Mountain Life Magazine and asked to list “5 Whistler Must-Do’s.” His first answer is something I think all of us could do well to remember.

“Breathe. This is the least expensive thing you can do in Whistler, but it’s one of the most important. As soon as you get here, even before you are totally settled in, take and moment, stop everything, and just breathe in that fresh, crisp mountain air for a few moments. These mountains are special; get them inside you.”

We are blessed to be surrounded by these beautiful mountains. (Pic by: Blake Jorgensen)

And that’s it. Here’s to a fortuitous and fun year ahead. Trust your hearts friends, take care of each other, and have a beautiful 2018. - xx Dana

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